Epson Runsense SF-810 - post review

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After almost year of use, here is post review of Epson Runsense SF-810 GPS watch. 

Overall I'm quite happy about watch:

  • very long battery life - usually I charge every 2 weeks only with GPS on
  • there are no scratches on screen even after really heavy use in wilds - proofed on the O-Ringen 2015
  • lightweight

But there are also room to improve (or better to say - to fix it):

  1. Please add time adjustment not only by gps. At the moment you need to go outside, catch gps signal to update time... 
  2. After firmware update do not drop actual date and time settings. Otherwise, you need to go outside to adjust time by gps...
  3. Please add alarm. It's a watch for god's sake!
  4. Increase interval list entries number 3. Currently there is not enough 3 entries to enter just 1 week of trainings... And I would prefer to have entered whole month in one go. 
  5. Better support for Mac users. I know, you added Run Connect for Mac (actually I could live without it, because it's easy to update data on iPhone or iPad). But what about watch firmware update for Mac users? I did 11 steps instructions for the Mac users here - , which is ok for me but not ok for my friends, who doesn't work in IT jungles.


It feels somehow strange - big potential but with lack of some logic features (alarm, time adjustment, very limited number of intervals). Not sure yet, why I didn't returned watch after 2 weeks... Maybe I believe that Epson will improve things (actually whole list above is related to watch software improvements - I imagine there are no technical reason to limit intervals to 3 entries... because there are plenty of room to safe data as it saves a lot of data and parameters with each training). 
I would give 7 out of 10. If I would buy this watch again? No.