Top 10 must have SilverStripe modules - 2014 edition

SilverStripe CMS doesn't have a lot of modules but this is not a weakness at all. It means how flexible system is. Usually I use 2-4 extra modules. Below are most popular and really good modules, used in major of my projects (not ir particular order):

1. Advanced workflow - Important for corporate level.

2. Blog - there are about 150 widgets to use with your blog.

3. Data Object manager - should be as default SilverStripe function

4. Forum - to build your services or products community.

5. Newsletter - not always emailing is spamming.

6. Silvercart - good option for a small online shop.

7. Uploadify - better files upload.

8. Userforms - forms creation tool.

9. KickAssets - another great tool from Ucle Cheese.

10. Translatable - useful for the multilingual websites.

If I missed something or there is no place for a module, which you think must be on this list, just leave a comment with link below.


N.b.: modules above are for the SilverStripe 2nd version!

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